From the beginning of pregnancy through the first precious weeks with your newborn, our goal as midwives is to support and empower your family. With skill and compassion, we protect your environment so that you're able to birth YOUR baby YOUR way.

  • While giving birth is hard work, it is a normal biological process.
  • All women know how to give birth, they may not realize they know how, but they do.
  • Women’s bodies know how to finish what they started; they conceive and carry the baby throughout pregnancy without intervention. Birth and parenting should be the same way.
  • We see ourselves as “life guards” in the birth process: there to reassure parents, and to act in the unlikely case that an emergency arises.

As licensed midwives, we hold up-to-date certifications in neonatal resuscitation, BLS, CPR and other emergency management such as shock treatment and suturing. We carry the standard anti-hemorrhagic drugs, herbs, and emergency equipment to all births.

Spokane River Midwives offers full maternity care and home births in the Spokane River area. This includes the areas of Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley and the entire Spokane area.

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