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Birth Services

Labor & Birth

As midwives, we are there to support you during the birthing process. In the very early stages of labor, we will often communicate over the phone. As your body changes and active labor is established, we will come to your home.

Prenatal Appointments

We practice midwifery in whatever way you desire and the situation dictates. If you need constant hand’s on physical and emotional support, then that is what we provide. However, if you prefer to “do your own thing,” then we are comfortable sneaking in to monitor the baby and then sneaking back out to provide you with space. Our goal is to protect your space to allow you to labor & birth as you see fit.

While you labor, things are prepped to allow for a relatively clean delivery. Babies are always placed on the mom’s chest as soon as they are born. After birth, you will be encouraged to bond with your baby. Breastfeeding assistance, newborn exam, clean-up of the birth area, and assistance to help you freshen up are all included and will be provided at your pace. Typically this takes 3-4 hours after birth but will continue as long as is necessary to ensure that everyone is transitioning well. Prior to departure, you will be tucked into your own bed, with your baby, for some much-needed rest.

Birth Services - Labor & Delivery
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