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Licensed Birth Center - Open Now!

Licensed Birth Center Lobby in Spokane
Birth Suite in Spokane Valley, WA
Prenatal Room at the Licensed Birth Center

Spokane River Midwives

From the beginning of pregnancy through the first precious weeks with your newborn, our goal as licensed midwives is to support and empower your family. 

We hold up-to-date certifications in neonatal resuscitation, BLS, CPR and other emergency management such as shock treatment and suturing. We carry the standard anti-hemorrhagic drugs, herbs, and emergency equipment to all births.

We see ourselves as “life guards” in the birth process: there to reassure parents, and to act in the unlikely case that an emergency arises.

Your Birthing Partner

  • While giving birth is hard work, it is a normal biological process.
  • All women know how to give birth, they may not realize it, but they do.
  • Women’s bodies know how to finish what they started; they conceive and carry the baby throughout pregnancy without intervention. Birth and parenting should be the same way.

Spokane River Midwives offers complete maternity, postpartum, and birth services at our community birth center. We also offer limited home birth care packages. We are able to accept most insurances and healthcare plans.


"I have been getting my prenatal care with Spokane River Midwives and recommend them to anyone when I get a chance. I love that they don't push anything that mom's don't want. I feel super comfortable with them, and am looking forward to this delivery!"

Rachael A.

"I transferred to Spokane River Midwives a month prior to my due date. My health insurance made everything so complicated, but they worked with me so well, and I really appreciated that. However, more than anything, it was simply the best experience to deliver my baby home!!! I am grateful for giving us a memorable experience!!"

Fumie S.

"Perfect Healing VBAC Homebirth. We can't say enough great things about the amazing women at Spokane River Midwives. They helped me through my prenatal care. At 41 weeks I went into labor late at night and six hours later delivered my beautiful son in the peace and safety of my living room with my family by my side. I got my healing, unmedicated, and completely natural homebirth with minimal tearing. "

Kelsey P.

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