February 2, 2016

Victoria Andersen

SRM_Services_services_page_postpartum_2“Annabelle Morgan was in attendance at my birth. As I was laboring, I remember a moment when she looked into my eyes and told me that I was doing wonderful. She understands the important role of a midwife and has taken it on as much more than a career. She has a keen mind and a listening, empathetic soul. When I met Terri Young, I could tell right away they would make an excellent team. Terri’s passion to trust the natural birth process has the power to inspire and motivate all women. I highly recommend their skills to any woman who wants to have a home-birth. Whatever care providers you chose, their impact will stay with you and your child forever. These two understand that truth, and it’s clear they serve with it in mind.”

Victoria Andersen

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